Beauty Buzz: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm Review!

It is absolutely no secret that Revlon is in fact one of my favorite drugstore brands. Their color selection is varied, their packaging immaculate and easy-to-use, and the overall product is department-store grade! I’ve reviewed multiple Revlon products, most of those being lip colors, another favorite. When the company announced the debut of a new line of lip balms, I was incredibly excited. I’ll be honest though- the “matte” aspect of the product was a bit intimidating. I had never tried one before and I was afraid of the potential drying-flaking lips horror. But I took one for the sake of evaluating and providing a thoughtful review for you all.

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Formula: The formula is infused with what is being called a Triple Butter Complex. This is a mixture of shea, mango, and coconut butter! A thick moisturizing complex is definitely in order to produce a high-quality and long-lasting matte lip crayon. This product does just that. I was very impressed how moisturizing these crayons were! They moisturized my lips without making my lips look shiny, glossy, or not-matte-like! 

Built in a retractable, no-sharpener-needed crayon, these matte balms have been the perfect addition for my summer cosmetic routine. They left my lips looking fully-pigmented and incredibly moisturized.

I purchased Audacious, a bright true coral, and Elusive, a more pink-mauve color:

image (4)



Left to Right:   Audacious, Elusive





Available in 10 eye-popping shades, check out the entire collection below. 



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Garnier Color Styler Review: Purple Ombre Hair! *PHOTOS*

With multiple celebrities and fashion icons coloring their locks in lovely pastel hues for the summer, you could say I was a little inspired to join in on the fun. Again. By that I mean that you may remember the dip-dying trend from a few years back. I actually did a DIY tutorial inspired by that using chalks.

Check that out here. I gathered a bit of inspirations pictures and decided to go with a purple.


I came across a product from trusted brand GARNIER that was recently released called the Color Styler. With its five funky shades, this line claims to be “intense color with zero damage and zero rub off” that you just apply and let dry! It is marketed as temporary color that lasts 2-3 shampoos. The color is supposed to just be coated around your hair strands as opposed to penetrating the hairs, and that is why it is said to be non-damaging.


The thing about the application process for this product that stood out to me the most was the fact that there was NO RINSING REQUIRED! This shaved about 10 minutes from the entire coloring. The box retails for about $7 at drugstores. Check it out here. It includes a pair of gloves, the instructions, and the actual color. Simple enough. The results were satisfactory! The following pictures I shot about 30 minutes after fully drying and styling.





This shot was after two shampoos!


This is after three shampoos-


The color was still pretty noticeable. Since then, I have gotten my hair cut short for the summer and the purple is still visible in some strands! Talk about longevity! I would definitely recommend this product, as I personally think I will be trying another color very soon. I will say this though. The one thing I hated about this product was that my ends felt so dry and almost crispy after the product fully dried and was styled. This made brushing so much more difficult than it needed to be. Also, I would have loved some kind of serum or leave-in conditioning treatment to substitute the fact that there was no rinsing required. 

Stay tuned for more beauty reviews coming this month!